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Shipley's family called Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard for a quote on the installation of a new underground dog fence. After installing the fence in a timely, efficient manner, Mike trained the adorable 1 year old Shih Tzu and her family on how to properly use their new Hidden Fence system.  Shipley no longer needs a leash and she can roam freely now having fun while her family is no longer worried about where she is!  

Tennessee Dog Guard did a great job for a great price and will do the same for your pet(s).  Call Mike today for your free estimate at 615.788.4966, you'll be glad you did!

Mike Landers, owner and operator of Tennessee Dog Guard understands that your dog(s) are more than a pet - they are member(s) of your family.  He takes great pride in the quality and service he offers to each and every one of his customers, and will work with you to customize your pet fencing system to fit the needs of you and your pet(s).  Your DOG(s) deserves the freedom to run and play and You deserve the peace of mind knowing your dog is safely contained in your yard​.

Tennessee Dog Guard serves Franklin and Middle Tennessee by:

  • Installing the BEST invisible underground electronic dog fence system at a BEST price.
  • Repairing those lesser quality systems out on their in the market.
  • Offering outstanding service and we guarantee our customer's satisfaction.
  • Insuring we're available when you have the time.
  • Only the BEST quality, high gauge wiring and quality inspected USA-made equipment.
  • Supporting Franklin's Williamson County Animal Center.

Tennessee Dog Guard keeping your pets safe!

Yes the people of Middle TN have many choices AND many pets to protect!

Indoor Pet Containment - Who Knew!!  

Cat Pet Containment - Who Knew!!

We know Middle Tennessee is the home to many pets, not just dogs.  So give Tennessee Dog Guard® a call to get your free estimate on protecting all your family pets both INSIDE and OUTSIDE!  

Your animals can have their freedom inside with limited access to rooms or areas in your home based on your preferences.  Keep them out of the formal dining room or protect the plants in your front window so you may enjoy your Tennessee view and your pets may enjoy their freedom!  Your cat and/or dog can have their freedom with limited access to rooms in your home based on your preferences. 

For cats going outdoors, keeping them out of the streets and safe in your yard is of utmost importance!  So give Mike a call at Tennessee Dog Guard to protect all your beloved animals!  615-788-4966

Hello, I'm Reba, and I love my Tennessee Dog Guard underground fence

My home is on a golf course, and the golfers are always afraid of me, but I leave

them alone as long as they don't try to retrieve a ball from my yard!

We're Thunder, Pink and Jasmine and we love our

Tennessee Dog Guard invisible fence.

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Giving our customers high quality and customer service are the cornerstones of this business.

The BEST pet fencing!

  • The BEST Hidden Pet Fence equipment on the market
  • The BEST Dog Fence that's safe and veterinarian approved.
  • The BEST underground invisible fence with a lifetime warranty.
  • The BEST certified installer's and trainers to keep your pet's safe and sound.
  • The BEST around the clock response time and amazing service.
  • ​The BEST reliable service provider in middle Tennessee area.


Installed an underground invisible pet fence for these cuties in LaVergne, TN.

Say hello to Shipley, Franklin's newest Tennessee Dog Guard "Happy Customer"!  

We send the Williamson County Animal Shelter a financial donation every time we install a Tennessee Dog Guard Out of Sight fencing system in Franklin Tennessee.  

Putting Franklin Tennessee, your special family pet and the Williamson County Animal Center first!