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We Repair Broken, Outdated Fences and Missing Collars

 Mike installed almost 2,000 feet of underground pet fence for me in my home near Dale Hollow Lake.  ​I am a large Labradoodle and am loving running

freely in my huge yard.

 Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard installed an out of sight pet fence in my yard as well.  I live in a beautiful home in Frankin on the top of a mountain with a driveway that is almost a mile long. ​I am a 6 month old Great Pyrenees

who will be roaming freely soon! 

Enjoy your freedom!  Call Mike today for your free estimate!  (615) 788-4966

We installed 1/2 mile of Out of Sight Fencing at a Columbia Horse farm. We have included a photo of the equipment panel and my helper Steve talking to the horse's when we finished our work! Call today for your free estimate. (615) 788-4966

Tennessee Dog Guard® doesn't just install underground fencing but, we repair it.  Maybe you have recently moved into a new home that has an underground fence that doesn't work.  Or maybe just outdated?  Your current fence company could have gone out of business or moved.  Those are all problems we face everyday and by assisting the homeowner the problem can be resolved quickly and allow your pet to get back on track.

Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard repairs all brands of pet containment systems or invisible fence systems on the market.

Call Mike today for your free estimate.  615-788-4966  Tennessee Dog Guard

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