Meet these two happy dogs, Golden Retriever, Marley and Husky named Rome. They are in their new home in Franklin, TN. These two were using door before it was completed!  Both dogs and homeowner love the doggie door! Call Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard for your free estimate today. (615) 788-4966

Vet Approved.

Veterinarian tested, approved and recommended, your Tennessee Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing® System can keep your pet safe.  Veterinarian approved underground pet fences allow your dog the freedom to run without the worry.  They say "Good Fences make Good Neighbors".  We say veterinarian approved electronic dog fences make for happy dogs and happier neighbors.  Give your dog the chance to walk himself, play and run with confidence, knowing your dog is safe.

Not Just For Dogs!

Tennessee Dog Guard® is your solution for indoor and outdoor Underground Pet Containment for dogs and cats!  Your cat can have his freedom with limited access to rooms in your home based on your preferences.  For cats going outdoors, keeping them out of the streets and safe in your yard is of utmost importance!  Check out our latest cat door installation between a mud room & garage!  >>>

Made in USA

Tennessee Dog Guard® is your solution for Electronic Pet Containment.  Serving the industry for over twenty years.  Dog Guard® is known for high quality and reliability.  Dog Guard® is an American-made product and comes with a lifetime warranty.  100% assembled and tested in the U.S.A.

Lower Your Expenses.

Your Tennessee Dog Guard® Fencing System will safely "keep your hound around" and out of trouble!  "Runners" and "jumpers" can be seriously injured by traditional fencing.  Electronic dog fences allow for freedom of movement and reduce injuries.

Training Time.

After approximately 2 weeks of training with your electronic dog fence, you and your pet can enjoy the new found freedom provided by your Tennessee Dog Guard® System.  Your dog will enjoy the most effective Out-of-Sight Fencing® System making you and your dog happier year round.  Your new Out of Sight fence will allow your dog room to run and play!

Service & Support Make Us Different.

Tennessee Dog Guard owner, Mike Landers, is passionate about servicing his clients.  From initial installation to training and on-going maintenance, we always stand behind our work 100%.  We are always just a phone call away.  And we promise to get back to you the same day.

Meet Andy who is an adorable Coton de Tulear.  It is French for ball of cotton!  He is loving his new freedom after Tennessee Dog Guard installed his new underground pet containment fence and pet door.  Give us a call today for your free estimate.  (615) 788-4966.

Customer Testimonial & Picture Submitted 11/28/18 by Tracie (5 Stars)

Mike is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Customer service is WONDERFUL!  EVERYONE CALL MIKE!!!

​Mike & Izzy pictured below.

Call Mike for a free estimate at 615-788-4966.

Installed this dog door in a basement garage through concrete blocks filled with cement, near downtown Nashville. For your free estimate call Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard at (615) 788-4966.

Ike is now running freely on his farm in Putnam County, TN.  Ike has a new underground pet containment system and is safe and sound!  Give Mike a call today for your free estimate.  (615) 788-4966

How it works.

A comfortable collar containing a small receiver is worn around your dog's neck.  This receiver works with the radio signal - which emits an appropriate stimulus level as your dog approaches the barrier.  If your dog continues to advance a second field produces maximum correction to prevent escape.

Because each installation is customized, you define the boundaries.  We'll work with you to protect your pet from driveways, pools and other dangerous areas.  Our system can also protect your flowerbeds, shrubs or other areas from your playful pet.  Read More....

Meet Cara from Cumberland County Tennessee. Cara is very happy to be able to run freely in yard, and visit her friend down the street who also has a Dog Guard Underground fence which we installed a few years ago. Call Mike today for your free estimate (615) 788-4966.

​Pictured:  Cara & Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard

Meet my friend, Luna! Luna is from Cookeville and is now running freely after the installation of his new underground pet fence.

Call Today!

Rileigh from Monroe TN

during training time.

Just finished our first underground fence of 2018. Ground frozen 5" down and the windchill was below zero when the job started! But now Gunther and Bondy are free to run in there huge yard in Gallatin. Call Mike for a free estimate. 615-788-4966

​Installed a large dog door for a huge rottie and the owners daughter this morning in Cookeville. Call Mike for free estimate (615) 788-4966. We install in walls brick, concrete, glass, doors, just about anywhere!

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Made in America

What is Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing®?

Tennessee Dog Guard® is an out-of-sight fence system that is installed underground by burying a single wire as a complete loop along the entire perimeter of your property.  This underground boundary can also include certain portions of your yard, such as a pool or garden.  Your dog is safely contained within your yard, while not being allowed to trample your gardens or swim in your pool.

Have home security.
Keep your home energy efficient.
Let dogs out while keeping cats in.
Let cats in while keeping dogs out.
Let dogs in but keep wild animals out.
Let dogs in while keeping human intruders out.

Call Mike today for your free estimate.  615-788-4966  Tennessee Dog Guard <> Proudly serving Middle Tennessee

We installed 1/2 mile of Out of Sight Fencing at a Columbia Horse farm. We have included a photo of the equipment panel and my helper Steve talking to the horse's when we finished our work! Call today for your free estimate. (615) 788-4966


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